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Will you Go to Heaven when you die!?


At Lyerly First Baptist Church we are on a mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community around us and to support missions abroad.  We are a loving growing church with a down-home feel. We truly have a "Come as you are Attitude" If you are looking for a church home where the people are genuine and the Gospel is preached passionately and unapologetically, Lyerly First Baptist Church may be the place God is calling you.

our Pastor

Pastor Trey is passionate about spreading and sharing the Gospel.  Pastor Trey has a fiery preaching style with well organized and challenging sermons that you are sure to remember.  However, Pastor Trey will not sugar coat the Word of God, and has no problem calling out sin for what it is. If you have any questions or needs you can reach Pastor Trey at 912-663-4801 or

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