Trey Williams

Pastor Trey with his wife Tammie, his son Kade, and his daughter Loren

On March 28th, 1993 I gave my life to Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior.  Two weeks later on Easter Sunday, I was baptized.


I was immediately on fire for the Lord telling anyone who would listen to me for a few minutes about Jesus.  When I was 13 years old during the final hymn of a Sunday Night Service, we were singing "I Surrender All". During that Hymn, God called me into the ministry.  My Youth Pastor and Pastor immediately began grooming me for the ministry. I was given a leadership role in the Youth Group. I spoke on Wednesday nights and Sunday Nights frequently.  When I was in 9th Grade I began teaching the 9th and 10th-grade boys Sunday School Class at my youth group. It was evident that God had given me the gift of Preaching and Teaching.


When I became 16 years old and received my driver's license I was placed on the list for "fill in" speakers for the Ogeechee River Baptist Association.  By the time I was 17 years old I was traveling nearly once a month to fill in for Pastors on Sunday Mornings. I also traveled frequently to preach at different youth groups.  During my senior year of high school, I spent nearly every Wednesday night at a speaking engagement either at my youth group or another youth group.    


By the time I was 18 years old and had graduated High School I was so ready to do ministry I could not stand it.  I took the first job that was offered to me to be the Youth Pastor at a rural church in Georgia. In doing this I outran God's will for my life.  I knew God was not calling me to this church, but I took the job anyway. I served at this church for 3 years doing everything in "my power" to make a youth group grow out of nothing.  After three years of work I still had zero teenagers coming to youth group. I was downhearted, discouraged, and second-guessing my calling. 


A few months after resigning from that youth pastoring position I met my future wife Tammie.  In 2004 I began working with the Garden City Police Department. In 2007 I transferred to the Griffin Police Department.  In 2008 Tammie and I were married. Tammie became a school teacher and I continued policing. 


In 2011 our first Child, Kade, was born.  It was almost immediately apparent that he was going to have a huge personality.  Kade is energetic, funny, and has a heart for the Lord.


During this time Tammie and I bounced from church to church never finding anything that suited us.  In November of 2015, we joined First Baptist Church of Orchard Hill. Over the next months God renewed the calling he placed on my life to go into the ministry.  In January of 2017, God opened the door for me to take on the bi-vocational role of Youth Pastor at Orchard Hill First Baptist Church. I quit a 13-year law enforcement career to answer this call.   


During my tenure as the Youth Pastor at Orchard Hill FBC, God blessed my ministry and I saw growth both numerically and spiritually in my students.  


During this time our second child, Loren, was born.  After a two and a half week stay in the NICU she came home.  Loren has grown to have just as much personality as her brother and the two of them keep Tammie and I on our toes!


While at youth summer camp God very distinctly placed a call on my heart to transition from being a youth pastor to being a senior pastor.  An incredibly short three months later I was preaching my first sermon as the Pastor of Lyerly First Baptist Church. 


God has blessed me and my family in such incredible ways during our time at Lyerly.  We love the community and our church family.