Grounded Youth Ministries

Today's World is difficult for teenagers.  Grounded Youth Ministry is dedicated to making a space where teens can come be teens and become Grounded in the Word of God and their relationship with Jesus

Weekly Programs

Sunday School

Sunday Mornings

No services Temporarily 


Sunday Nights

No Services Temporarily


Wednesday Nights

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Doors open at 6:45 for dinner

All youth activities are for 6th grade through 12th grade. 

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Youth Directors

Eric and Leanna Hargrove

These two grew up in the same small community in Chattooga County. It all started on what seemed like an unfortunate event when Leanna woke up way too early for school her phone was set for central time instead of eastern which made her get to school a whole hour early. To her pleasant surprise, she heard over the intercom when she got there "prayer meeting in room D52" she was shocked at the fact people get to school an hour early to go to prayer meeting.....


When she walked in the prayer room she met Eric for the first time. He was the one running the prayer meeting, he was teaching a lesson -mind you at 6 AM. 


She knew he was the one at that very moment, so she sent him a message on Facebook and the rest was history. 


They got engaged after a few months of dating, waited 2 years to get married, then another two years before having their firstborn baby Miss Gracelyn Rebecca. 


They have held on to God from the beginning and was seeking his will for their lives, and now they are here Youth Pastoring at LFBC.